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ipek drain camera rx130 and a rcx90


Our products and technology makes it easier for you.

The Rovion IPEK system is the industry leader in pipe inspection technology with unmatched innovation. 

Our Story

Vision was created as we seen a need for a more reactive, cost effective service within the utilities sector.

Our Vision

We aim to create more innovative and cost effective solutions for all of our customers.


The tech industry is evolving day by day so we have decided to start implementing more intelligent and innovative ideas within businesses across the utilities sector .

Needed Equipment

ipek camera system with rcx90, rax300, vc500, xr100, xr60, ipek camera system for sale

Mainline CCTV

IPEK are the market leaders for inspection cameras within the utility industry, with their Wincan fully embedded control units and modular equipment you can easily go anywhere and know you have the right tools for the job.


Vivax make some of the best Locators and sonde's in the world, the V-Loc CAM is proof of some of the amazing products Vivax Metrotech make..

Vivax type cp reel and vcam 6 box with a vloc cam locator
vivax metrotech uk
ipek uk
Wincan Europe
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